Thursday, May 24, 2007

back in the saddle again

Hello Devoted Friends of The Brothers-

It's been a long time and I apologize for the absence, but life is just one theatrical whirlwind after another! A few quick notes regarding the Bros and our whereabouts today, but do look forward to a more regular return to posting from yours truly, Brother Moe.

-Oedipus at Palm Springs is BACK!!!!

Yes, folks, it's true. If you missed the original production or if you just can't stop thinking about that creepyfun play, you will have the chance to see it all again in a brand spanking new production this fall. Thanks to the generous dedication of our good friends and partners in crime at Theater Offensive, Boston will be the host city for the premiere of the all-new, all-girl Five Lesbian Brothers Ladies Auxiliary production of Oedipus at Palm Springs!

This fantastic new production will include two Original Flavor Brothers (my naked colleague Babs Davy and myself) and we are in the exciting process of recruitment of three new colleagues for the Ladies Auxiliary. As time has gone on it has become more and more difficult to maintain our original fiveness, what with Tony awards to be nominated for and Hollywood calling and mortgages to freak about and thinking about trying to get a bun in the oven. When does a girl have time to scoop the litter box, much less consider touring a show? Thus the Ladies Auxiliary is being initiated to keep the public happy by continuing to bring you quality lesbian theatre for the masses.

We're delighted to be working with some of the most excellent advocates, supporters and champions of our work at Theater Offensive and a HUGE shout of gratitude goes out to Abe and Eve and to Nikki who have toiled long and hard over several years to make this show finally come to be. I know I am neglecting the many others who have given generously of their time and efforts and my apologies that my rush of typing has left you on the threshing room floor. But that is where the kernels are to be found and know you are in good company. Thanks, all the folks at T-Off!

So, before I say anything else, let me call out to any ladies in the Boston area who are theatrically inclined and might want to audition for the show! No kidding! Have a look:

The Five Lesbian Brothers with The Theater Offensive seek
non-equity Female Actors of all ethnicities (and any sexual orientation) for the New England Premiere & Touring Production of the Brothers’ newest play,
“Oedipus at Palm Springs”!

Written by The Five Lesbian Brothers
Co-commissioned by The Theater Offensive, Out North and The National Performance Network and supported by a Project Ensemble Grant from the Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP).

All actors are paid.
Auditions Monday June 11 6-9pm and Tuesday June 12 6-9pm at the Boston Center for the Arts’ Artist Studios building in Boston's South End.

Auditions by appointment only.
To schedule an appointment:
· Email your resume and headshot to
· Please include your audition availability and full contact information (including email), so that we can send you materials to prepare for the audition.

[If you do not have email access or electronic files, please mail hardcopies to: O@PS Auditions, c/o The Theater Offensive, 43 Thorndike St #14, Cambridge MA 02141]

· Monologue required
· You may be asked to read from the script
· Review rehearsal & performance schedule (below).
· Bring list of any known or tentative schedule conflicts

Rehearsals take place at the Boston Center for the Arts weekday evenings and weekend days, Sept 17- Oct 21.
Tech week begins October 22.
Performance Schedule: Preview October 24 at 7.30pm; Evening Shows October 25-28 plus Saturday matinee in the Calderwood Pavilion at the Boston Center for the Arts.

NOTE: Possible touring gigs in 2008.

Two lesbian couples in long term relationships meet for a weekend of fun and sun away from their busy lives in Los Angeles. Set in “an exclusive desert resort for women”, the four friends attempt to recapture their more carefree days, before things like mortgages, child-rearing and career focus were not in the picture. CON and FRAN have been together 17 years and are using the weekend to try and reconnect sexually after focusing their energies on their new son. PRIN and TERRI have been together seven years and PRIN seems finally ready to commit to TERRI, who is struggling to find her birth mother. The mixture of sunshine, golf, outlet shopping, cocktails and a little soothsaying from JONI, the blind innkeeper, bring tensions to the surface and a birthday surprise turns the four friends’ weekend getaway into an unforeseen tragedy.

Character Breakdown (Some nudity required.)

PRIN: aged 52. PRIN is a handsome stone butch, who is successful in business, works hard and lives the resulting upper-middle class lifestyle proudly. She has been a “playah” in the past but is clearly crazy about TERRI. They have been together for seven years, a record for PRIN.

TERRI: aged 36, but must be believably 16 years younger than PRIN. Younger hottie is the key. TERRI is an adorable femme, fashionable and usually upbeat in that SoCal way. She is literally searching for her identity and trying to locate her birth mother. TERRI is in school, getting a degree in communications. She is crazy about PRIN.

CON: aged 44, strong-willed femme. CON came of age during feminism’s peak and enjoys the unexpected gifts that middle class life has given her. She works as a hospital administrator. She has been with her partner FRAN for 17 years and is the non-bio parent of their three year old son, Basil.

FRAN: aged 40-something, butch light. FRAN is the bio-mom of her and CON’s young son Basil and has made life choices in order to facilitate that, signing up for stability instead of risk by taking a desk job. She is very bonded to her bio-son and is also exhausted by motherhood. She’s an old friend of PRIN.

JONI: aged 50+. JONI is from Canada but has worked as a lesbian resort manager in the States during the winters for decades, a “snow bird”. She is blind. She considers herself artistic and clairvoyant, in the way lots of people can think of themselves in Southern California. She’s “woo-woo” and kinda odd, a mysterious loner drawn to the desert.

Note: No housing is available to out-of-area performers. The roles of Joni and Fran are already cast.

Actors of color are encouraged to audition. The Theater Offensive and The Five Lesbian Brothers are EOE.

So that's the story friends. Please stay tuned and I will be back at it here, giving you the blow-by-blow from the queer theater circuit. Thanks for being loyal and please send this audition notice to any theater-type ladies who might be interested in working with the 5LBs! Or two of us anyway...

peace and italian ices,

Monday, June 12, 2006

tony hangover

It's been awhile Friends of the Brothers, but it does not mean you all are not on my mind. Life gets busy sometimes, but I still think of you often and with great fondness.

I awoke this morning and thought for a brief moment that my own Lesbian Brother Lisa Kron had won a Tony Award last night, along with her enchanting colleague, Jayne Houdyshell. On top of this triumph, I also believed that in some great cosmic weirdness, Oedipus at Palm Springs had also won a Tony, along with Leigh. The show was so damn good, the League of Broadway Producers gave it Tonys, even though it wasn't even on Broadway!

You may chalk this all up to my case of serious jet lag which I am experiencing and was in full effect last night during my delusional viewing of the ceremonies on TV, live from forty blocks north and four blocks west (they're the big crosstown blocks!) at Radio City Music Hall. Unfortunately, the reality of the awards did not sync up to my more free-flowing sequence of events.

But let me take this moment anyway to give a big old Moe Angelos Not-Tony Award to Dame Lisa Kron, Dame Jayne Houdeyshell and Dame Leigh Silverman for their Tenacious Spirits, Bravery and Foxy Outfits in the strange and wonderful universe that is Broadway theatre. The Not-Tonys would like to acknowledge their hard work and guts in bringing the so-called downtown message of creativity to the uptown, peanut-crunching masses of Times Square. Thank you ladies. You have carried us all with you just a little bit and opened a door for the kinds of plays and performances and vision of shows like Well to pass through in the future.

Here's to Well, the cast, crew, writer, director, producers and everybody who believed in this show. What a thrill it was to see you all gussied up on TV last night and I know it will be the first time of many such occasions.

president of the Not-Tony Committee

Sunday, April 09, 2006

public service announcement

Hello Dear Reader:

Well, Well has opened on Broadway to fantastic reviews. By now, anyone reading this probably already knows that but still, there is no shortage of accolades for the magnificent piece of theatre that is Well. I am proud to say as Lisa Kron's Lesbian Brother and Leigh Silverman's Lesbian Uncle, that this show is leading us all down the path to the bright creative future of Broadway.

The opening night was fantastic and it had all the glamour that you might think about when lapsing into daydreams about what it must be like to go to a Broadway opening. The house was not your typical Thursday night, dinner-and-a-show Times Square crowd but instead was full of celebrities sitting cheek-by-jowl with more regular folk like good friends from out of town and Lisa's family and lots of theatre people. The Brothers were all there to show the love and it was easy to show when it comes gushing out of us that way that it did. It was a fantastic performance and yes, there was standing at the curtain call, along with bouquets of flowers for the ladies onstage.

Then there was the big par-tay at Hard Rock Cafe which was also as you might have imagined. We had a special entrance to go in and this lead to a big room with a stage that was not exactly what I'd term a cafe but it definitely was hard rock. There were tables set up and fabulous buffet stations and yes folks, since you are wondering, an open bar! More celebrities were sighted and hung around to give their good wishes to the cast and crew of the show.

The buffet line is one of the great leveling forces in our culture and being able to see Joan Allen choose what she wanted for her meal really gave me a sense of closeness to her. She is a real person, who likes a buffet just like me and I think we both got the tortellini, which made me feel like we were old friends. The next time I see her at a party, I will have something in common with her now and will have something to chat about. How exciting for me!

Anyway, Lisa and Jayne finally made their way into the hard-rockingness of it all and there were many photo ops and hugs and smiles and Lisa was engaged with many conversations with old people about the show and we all talked to Lisa's family, who are known to the Brothers for decades by now. I stated to feel a little old at some point in the evening when I got a crank on about the loudness of the music which made it hard to actually have a conversation. I thought this would lead to dancing but alas, it did not as nobody wanted to leave their tables and make way for the dancefloor to happen. I decided though that I am at the point in my life that if my show ever opens on Broadway, I would like my party to be at the Lite FM Cafe, as my days of hard rocking are clearly over.

Everybody had a supergood time and we were all so proud of Lisa and her work and the show.

So now I would like to take a moment to urge all of you reading this to go immediately to the web or the phone and get in touch with the Telecharge people and buy several tickets to the show. It cannot be missed, especially in its uptown incarnation and we at The Five Lesbian Brothers Cultural Project would be ever so grateful if you supported this fine work of theatre. It is the kind of play that should be on Broadway and almost never is these days, a truly complex work with amazing performances and beautiful directing that does not have any movie stars or washed-up tv personalities in their post-rehab comebacks. It is simply a wonderful play and if you don't believe me you can look at Ben Brantley's review in the NY Times or at Time Out NY or Newsday. Buy early, buy often people. It's not even that expensive for Broadway and I think you can get a ticket for under 30 bucks, which is what you'd pay to see a bad movie and eat a lot of hydrogenated fat and 64 ounces of soda at the multiplex. Do your heart a favor and see Well instead. It will feed you in all the right ways, and with none of the calories!

I provide here a link for you:

Go people, go! Or be forever sorry. Remember live theatre needs you to get up from your cubicle and go sit in a room with the actors. It's really exciting, for those of you who don't know. Totally worth the trip and almost all the subways go to Times Square.

Congratulations to Lisa and her incredible cast and to Leigh the director extraordinaire and to the lovely John Dias who has toiled tirelessly to make the magic of this show happen.

GO SEE WELL!! Or else I will not be your friend.

Your Friend For Now,

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

it's been awhile

Dear Avid Readers-

Please forgive my long absence from this here blogspace. Life has got ahold of me by the toe lately and I have been remiss in my duties of letting you all know about the world of Oedipus at Palm Springs and the Five Lesbian Brothers. Apologies to you all and thanks for coming back and giving us another try after six longs months of silence.

So, the show is sleeping peacefully for the time being as the individual lives of the Brothers spin off into other orbits. Dominique and Peggy returned to California and new jobs for both of them. Congratulations to these two hardy artists for figuring out how to make a decent living for themselves. Babs meanwhile, is back at her station at her regular job where she has to wear clothes all the time. It will not be a surprise to anyone that saw the show why this would be a big disappointment for Babs, but we all do what we must to pay the premium cable bills and that cute girl that gives an extra free espresso shot in my latte. I myself have been all over hell's half acre on tour with another fabulous but very different show I am in called Supervision. Perhaps it is coming soon to a theatre near you and you may check and see on its web site:

But the most exciting day job of all is our own Lisa Kron's. For those of you residing out of range of the New York Times, Lisa is about to open her show "Well" on Broadway tomorrow night! All the Brothers are in town for the glamorous gala event and I think I speak for all of us when we say we are tickled pink by this event. Not only is Lisa in the show, but she wrote it too. Plus, it is directed by none other than Leigh Silverman, the directorial genius behind Oedipus at Palm Springs. I will write a report as soon as I come to after the opening night party on Thursday but meanwhile friends, please do go see Lisa's fabulous show. For more information, check out their cool web site at and there you will find yet another blog, this one written by the incredible Jayne Houdyshell, an actor that everyone who cares about the theatre should see on stage.

On another exciting note, Oedipus at Palm springs just won a GLAAD Media Award this past Monday night for outstanding New York Theater, Broadway or Off-Broadway. Thank goodness Take Me Out was not this past season! And thanks to all the voters on the GLAAD panel for coming to see our show. And if you gave us the award just because of the above-mentioned nudity, please I do not want to know.

OK friends, remember to go see the fine work of Lisa Kron and Leigh Silverman, reunited in the Longacre Theatre on the Great White Way. It is a fantastic show and tickets will make a great Passover or Easter gift. Or if you are a Pagan, then celebrate the gift of daylight savings time with two on the aisle for the Downtown Show That Could, "Well"!

More update on this and other matters to come.


Monday, September 19, 2005

i will be back

Dear Blog Friends-
Sorry I have been out of the loop here with the updates on the show. It closed of course and we were all very sad about that and continue to be. I guess it is a classic case of post-partum, times everyone on the show. It was all such fun and so satisfying and there are things I still would like to say about it and will.

Keep the faith dear public and I will return to this space in a day or so to give you updates on what Your Lesbian Brothers are doing in our showless free-fall. Life goes on and so do the Brothers and I will report faithfully very soon.

Keep on keepin' on,

Monday, August 22, 2005

eight more chances

Yes, folks that's right, you still have eight chances to see Oedipus at Palm Springs with the original cast before it gets turned into a Hollywood blockbuster starring Frances McDormond, Holly Hunter, Jodie Foster, Halle Berry and Robert DeNiro in his first lesbian role. We'd love to see you down at NYTW and I can promise you a stimulating evening at the theater. My offer still stands to speak with anyone who'd like to hang around after the show.

Today was a bona fide day off and all is quiet on the Eastern Village front. I had big plans to accomplish things like laundry today but I must tell you that taking a long nap around 4:00 when my personality was at its nadir took precedent. The weather in the city took a nice turn for the cool and dry and I found it irresistible for sleeping. Just so you know, I am not a napper friends but everything combined to send me to slumberland for a few hours. I am not a slacker "artist", I am not!

I did sort the laundry. And I changed the cat litter. That's how glamorous it is Off-Broadway, folks.

We had special guests visiting us again at the performances yesterday, notably Pat and Rosemary, bio-sisters to Peg and family to the rest of the Brothers, who drove like demons up from Richmond to see the show. Also our friends Jessie and Jill from San Francisco, Kathleen from Toronto and Mary Beth and Therese from Minneapolis. Wow, we are some lucky girls to have all these great people with very busy lives of their own make the effort to come and see us and this show.

It's the final week everyone, so don't forget to come and see us while you still have the chance. Also, a word of advice on the ticket situation. If you are told by the Telecharge people that there are no more tickets for a particular performance, it might be wise to go to the theater anyway and see if you can get one. People turn in their tickets at the last minute and the actual box office has more seats usually than Telecharge seems to be aware of. When I have sent friends to do this, they have not been turned away.

See you later.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

back again!


Sorry to be away for a few days but things got busy. I am between shows on Saturday, finished the matinee and have a few precious moments to share with you here in the blogsphere.

Things are going well, what can I say? The show motors along and we are visited by friends and family from all over North America. It is very exciting! I have had visitors from Toronto who came all the way to another country just to see our play. I am so very grateful for that. And tonight, my good friends Suzy and Joe are here from Tacoma, WA. That is way further away than Toronto, if I remember correctly my geography. And in a totally different direction. These people had to take a plane to get here. Isn't that something? Suzy, it should be told, was my junior high school drama teacher from back in my days of 7th grade, before stage lights were invented and we had to do the shows like seances with candlelight. I miss those times, though not the occasional costume fire. Thank god for electricity.

We had a sweet, sorrowful parting on Thursday night with our wardrobe supervisor, Erin. She had to go to another show at another theatre which we shall not mention and we were sad to see her say goodbye. I will find a picture of her in action backstage and see if I can squeeze it in here. Erin, we miss you!

Replacing her is the fabulous Ann who has bravely stepped into Erin's place without flinching at the prospect of dressing and quick-changing five lesbians in the dark. Sexy? You bet! Ann is our lady for the next week until we close.

That's right, friends, the show is going to close. Notice was posted, as we say in the business and Oedipus at Palm Springs will be no more after next Sunday, August 28th. There's still time to see it before it melts and if you are coming from out of town, the weather has not been too bad. A little muggy today but at least no blazing sun to make it a steam bath. Autumn is just around the corner and so too are our day jobs. Sigh.

Do come and visit us and bring a bunch of people with you who would like to laugh a lot and have their heartstrings plucked by five plucky lesbos and their fantastic crew of professionals. They sell very nice sweet snacks in the lobby and coffee and tea and all that stuff, along with signed copies of our book of plays. If you don't like theatre too much, think about the literary aspect and come buy a volume of our work. It's quite a handsome book, if I do say so myself, thanks to the fabulous folks at Theatre Communications Group who published it.

OK, off to 4th street I go, quick like the bunny.

blogdaciously yours,

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