Friday, June 24, 2005

Day three

Hello from the morning of day four and your blog correspondent finds herself behind her deadline. Oh well, done is better than perfect, as my Brother Dominque says.

So yesterday was the meet and greet at the top of rehearsal. The entire staff of NYTW tromped upstairs from the admin offices and the theatre, called by the siren song of snack foods and beverages. The kitchen was bustling with happy voices, excited by the start of a new show and more importantly, chips and salsa, lovely crudites and alcohol-free margaritas. The snacks were theme-coordinated to the show and hey, we could have been in Palm Springs if you closed your eyes and took enough over-the-counter cough medicine.

The herd of the artistically-inclined then moved to the rehearsal room, guided by our good shepherd Martha where we stood around in a lopsided circle and introduced ourselves. It was very impressive, I must say. So many people working on this show! I will probably bore you dear reader, with so many references to the great gratiude of The Five Lesbian Brothers towards all the folks at NYTW, but we are truly truly grateful for the incredible show of confidence in us and our process. See, we are a collaborative machine and for any of you out there who have ever had a job where you had to work with somebody else or been in a relationship where you had to talk to someone, you know that communication is a sticky business, a deeply human and flawed business. It's not math, even Enron style and there is no clear path and the journey can take you far afield before you get to where you thought you were going, or at least someplace you can all agree on. It is messy and our process takes a lot of time. And NYTW has given us that time in so many ways for the last 3 years of working on this piece. Those people in that building believe in what we do and this has given us an artistic home. We are very very lucky girls.

So there we all were, the interns and the artistic directors and the carpenters and the casting people and the IT folks and we all said our names and then there were little speeches from Jim Nicola, artistic director and Leigh our director and Lisa on behalf of the Bros and that was all very ego-boosting for us or in the proper terminology of today, "humbling". Then David Korins, our supercool set designer introduced us all to the set model (I will try and install a picture of it here) and we were once again overwhelmed by the idea that this is all starting to be real and not just us sitting around in a room trying to figure out which of the four versions of a sentence we should use! Ahhh! Then everybody trickled back down to their jobs and we began ours again, this time standing up on the rehearsal set.

Martha, Antonia and Kate spent the morning taping the floor so we have some idea of the groundplan of the set and rehearsal props and furniture were brought in by Tessa Dunning, the properties goddess.The carpenters made a mock-up of the swimming pool for us to sit on. It is starting to look like a play, or at least the rehearsal of a play. I repeat, ahhh! And Leigh, our kind and gentle captain of the good ship OAPS got us up on our feet and we began blocking the show. All five Brothers, treading the boards once again.

You know what? We have the best job in the world.

More later folks.

Faithfully Submitted,


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I too wondered what about the donuts! I'm sad to report, they did not happen.

I will take responsibility for them next time. Or make more noise about it beforehand.

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