Wednesday, June 22, 2005

first day of rehearsal

Hello out there in Bloglandia. I am Moe, one of the Five Lesbian Brothers. The Brothers are currently making a new show "Oedipus at Palm Springs" at New York Theatre Workshop, yes in New York City, and I will endeavor to report to you periodically about what goes on in that process. It's very exciting, let me tell you.

A little about the Brothers first. We are a collaborative theatre company that started in 1989 at New York's fabulous WOW Cafe Theatre. We are made up of Babs Davy, Dominique Dibbell, Peg Healey, Lisa Kron and myself, Moe Angelos. Our relationship with NYTW began about twelve years ago and the Workshop has been an artistic home for the Brothers since. We have written five or six plays together and a book of humor. Four of the plays are published in a very handsome collection by the good folks at Theatre Communications Group. Buy a copy from your local alternative or non-chain bookstore or order it online directly from TCG if you want to check out our past work. The humor book, you might be able to get on E-Bay as it is long ago out of print.

So today was our first day of rehearsal. I'm a little beat right now and I must say that I had an unfortunate computer crash just moments ago that resulted in the loss of my entire first posting to this blog. So this is a re-do and as the hour is late, I will not be as thorough as I would have liked. But we basically did what is done on the first day: we had an Equity meeting with a union rep who told us about our pension and health plans, what to do if we are injured on the job and that we cannot be compelled by anyone to dance on marble floors. We got measured for costumes. We read through the script once, then began working through a second time, looking and listening for the things that still need our attention as writers. Because yes, dear reader, we are both the playwrites and the players, all in one. Or all in five, I should say. Actually, this play was only written by four of us, as Babs opted out of writing this time. But that's a story for another episode of this blog.

We are still writing, still tinkering and fixing and perfecting. This is common, so don't go getting all worried about us. The show is being produced at New York Theatre WORKSHOP after all, and the folks around there take that very seriously. We will be working, right down to the last minute before opening and even beyond, as we inevitably find new little things to entertain ourselves and the viewing public all the time we are performing. Revisions will continue and new pages will fly in and out of the script until we are satisfied or until time runs out, whichever comes first. It is a thrilling process to write with these fine creative ladies and then put it up on its feet under the fantastic direction of our supa-dupa director Leigh Silverman. And we are blessed with an expert creative team working with us, as well as the support of all the incredible people who work at NYTW. You will come to know the entire cast of characters as time goes on.

But for now, I need my beauty rest and must hurry myself off to bed. Today was the first day of summer, the solstice, the longest day of the year. It was gorgeous here in New York and in the kind of non-sequitur I am fond of, I cannot help but think that I have the best job in the world. To make theatre that I care about, that delights me (and hopefully others) and makes my fellows laugh in these somewhat sad times we are living through. I feel very fortunate indeed.

More later, gentle reader. Please write us here if you have any questions about the process or anything at all. I will try to post daily, though this will be more challenging as the opening date draws near. See you tomorrow.



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