Monday, June 27, 2005

post-pride depression

OK, friends I will try and be brief. But I did want to try and share a little of the pride we were showered with yesterday. I will give you a visual first. Hope that worked because it is the first time I put an image on. If it didn't I'll try again tomorrow with tech assistance.

Anyway, we sloshed our way down Fifth Avenue (yes the pool was full of water!), carefully following the purple line painted down the middle of the street so as not to lose our way. It was a terrific day and I must admit, I did not feel very much pride coursing through my veins when I woke up yesterday morning, as I was tired. But the show must go on and let me tell you, it was totally fun to be in the genius swimming pool all the way to the village. The crowd seemed to like it too, especially when the streets got narrow and they begged us to splash them with our pool water. Which we did.

We could not have done it without the aforementioned genius of Alan and his inspired poolside ideas and all those that helped build the flotilla and get it uptown, like the carps and Larry Ash. And all the NYTW folks who braved the blistering heat to support us. A special shout out to our chauffeur Adam, who got his gay on for the day and played the part of the hunky driver. And to our dear friend Susie who DJ'ed us all the way downtown.

I save the biggest thanks for last, our crew of hotties (in all senses of the word) who valiantly trekked beside our rolling waterworld and handed out flyers to the crowd and answered questions and were adorable. There will be a special place in The Brothers' heaven for all of you good people. Thank you SOOOO much for devoting part or all of your Sunday to our cause. We love you Todd, Molly, Winter, Betsy, Robbie, Kirk, Oliver, Lisa, Lisa, Dale, Dale, Tom, Kate, Bash, Martha, Mia and David!

And a big kiss to our fearless leader, our director Leigh who worked so hard to pull in volunteers and get the pride flowing. Plus, she walked all the way with us. And it was hot and sunny, and she has black hair!

Sleep tight, good people and there will be more from the constantly shifting front of creativity tomorrow.



Blogger richard said...

Have you been able to find out anything about the donuts yet?

1:00 PM

Blogger moe said...

there were no donuts at that meeting dear. but there were brownies today and you can see a picture of them on the post for wednesday the 29th!

thanks for reading,

10:58 PM


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