Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Rehearsal, day two

Wednesday June 22, 2005 found the Five Lesbian Brothers hard at work on our play again all the live-long day. We sat and continued to read and talk through the last third of the script that we had not gotten to yesterday. This is typically what happens in the first few days of the rehearsal process and is called "table work", because you usually sit around a table and there are pencils and water bottles and coffee cups along with the scripts and important papers. It is a good way to get into the basic movements of the play, sort of see what your acting hurdles will be and not have to do this while walking around with a script in hand. The fumbling script juggle will come tomorrow when we get on our feet and start moving about, but for today we were safely glued to our chairs, speaking thoughtfully about what everyone is doing in all the scenes and then reading through them and trying to act.

We also spent a good amount of time talking about problems we encounter in the writing, trying to reach some consensus on how to go about solving these issues and making a work list for ourselves to refer to in the off-rehearsal hours when we sit down to write. Basically, from here on in, it's all play, play, play and most of what we do in our lives will circle around this huge project. It was no small potatoes to call our piece Oedipus at Palm Springs and invoke one of the cornerstones of western drama. So we are trying to do Sophocles justice and would like to get it right. Not that we are copying the original (we prefer to use the term "sampling") but we need to earn the dramatic turns the story takes, transposed as it is into the present day lives of two lesbian couples on vacation in the desert. So, there's stuff to fix still and we are a-fixin' to fix it all up good so that the story makes sense at the very least.

To introduce you to a few of the other members of our production team, I will begin with who is in the room with us working. We have The Brothers (minus Babs today who was at her day job) and Leigh our superfine director. Our assistant director is the sharp Dana Harrel, who told me today that she was of Polish descent, but comes from Peru, and to me, that makes her an enigma. Then we have stage management, lead by our gifted production stage manager, the effervescent, booty-shakin' Voice of Reason, Martha Donaldson. Her right hand lady is the total talent force, assistant stage manager Antonia Gianino, an old friend of the Brothers who has worked with us on past shows at NYTW. Also with us is our plucky production assistant Kate Hefel who is originally from Iowa but transplanted herself to NY and continues to thrive, despite the concrete. We are so happy to have all these talented ladies with us in the rehearsal room and it is truly a pleasure coming to work in the morning. And I'm not just saying that because they make the coffee before we even get there. Well, maybe I am a little... OK, I'm shallow, I admit it.

Also in our little world of the third floor, in the office to the south of us, is our dear friend Alan. Now, Alan works at NYTW and he is the web master but more importantly, Alan is the creative design genius behind many of the fabulous benefits that NYTW has put on over the years. If you have a theme, Alan is your man to embellish and carry it out. And as luck would have it, our play does have a theme of sorts, Palm Springs. So Alan has been hard at work to create a fabulous flotilla for the Brothers for this year's Pride march which happens this Sunday, down Fifth Ave. He is really going all out on this one folks, and yes, there will be a swimming pool on our float!!!! We are totally excited about the pool, especially as it is sometimes roastingly hot and pride can be a sweaty event. We also have a gaggle of hotties to sashay down the avenue with us and hand out flyers for the show and generally flirt with the crowd. Please come see us and the work of mastermind Alan while we join all the other proud queer folks (and their allies) and shake our pride all over the place. Maybe you'll be lucky or flirtatious enough to get some cute swag from one of our handlers.That's this Sunday, June 26. I will provide more details as they become available to us.

Tomorrow is the official meet-and-greet where all the folks working on the show and at the theatre get to meet each other. I am hoping there will be donuts. Hard to come by in these carb-negative times we live in but a girl can dream selfishly, can't she? In any event, tomorrow I will report on the goings-on from the floor below us, Administration. Sexy, no? It's a busy beehive of activity at 83 East 4th Street and I intend to get to the bottom of it all during the course of this blog.

OK, kids, I gotta get back to work on a particularly prickly scene that we are still trying to tackle. We've written it and re-written it so many times that it is taking on a life of its own. We could leave it alone and eventually we'll have to for the sake of the tech crew's nerves, but we are stubborn lesbians and we want to get it right. Of course you, the viewing public shall be the judge of that in the end result. In the meantime, go see some other shows around whatever town you are in and support the theatre. Why? Because it is totally worth it!

Thanks for reading and we'll see ya again soon.

Respectfully Submitted,


Blogger richard said...

I sort of lost my train of thought after you said there might be donuts. Please remember to update us and let us know if there were, indeed, donuts and if so, what kind.

4:23 PM

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