Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Was not able to check in after yesterday's rehearsal but suffice to say, that it went very well. We started a few hours later in the day and ended up working a straight six instead of an eight-hour day. This was due to illness in the Brothers, as Peg is battling a bad sinus infection and Dominique seemed to be coming down with a sore throat kind of a thing. Leigh decided to give us a couple of extra hours of rest and that was like a gift from the comedy and tragedy muses themselves! Really folks, it is crazy how tight our lives are right now and let me apologize publicly here on the internet to all of my friends and family who have not heard a word out of me in weeks. It is to the point where I must literally schedule doing my laundry, or else it won't get done. Pathetic, but true.

But it's all good, good people.

So we worked all five of us last night, with Babs bravely showing up after her 8 hours at the day job! A particularly special moment in the gay pride parade was when we rolled and sloshed past Babs' place of business up there in midtown on Fifth Ave, not too far from St. Pat's cathedral. We all waved hello to Babs' cubicle, or the building that houses it anyway. So she was with us last evening and we did a read through of the latest version of the script for Jim and Linda Chapman (Associate Artistic Director), Toni Amicarella (Director of New Play Development and Dramaturgy) and a couple of guests, Lola Pashalinski and our new friend from Melbourne, Australia, Ben who runs a theatre down there and is interested in NYTW and how they facilitate the generation of new work.

The reading went well and it was really really good to hear the whole play again since we have been making adjustments to the script and we could then hear them in the fabric of the whole. Seemed good and we made another lists of things we gotta fix, but the good news is, the list is not very very long at all. Compared to what it was, anyway.

Today, Wednesday was a grand day. Here's why: BROWNIES! (see above)

Antonia, ASM extraordinaire made not one, but two types of brownies and brought them into work today! One was regular chocolatey goodness and the other was uber-regular with butterscotch chips and coconut in them. I ate too many. But I am happy to be corrupted by Antonia's thoughtful poisons. As poisons go, these are pretty tame. And divine!

I am trying to upload the picture of the brownies that Martha took on her cell phone and sent to me but it is giving me a hassle about it. Ugh, technology.

After the collective brownie gratitude of the day's start, we moved on to matters more directly theatrical. We continued blocking the big-ass BBQ scene and worked through some of the script problems we'd encountered along the way. It was a fun day I'd say. Lots of laughing in the rehearsal room. Ben was there as a visiting scholar again and he is a lovely fella. I will tell you more about his theatre company in Melbourne once I squeeze the info out of him.

We ran all of the BBQ scene we'd worked and little chunks of the thing are starting to fall into place. I'm starting to feel like I know somewhat of where I'm going, both physically and acting-wise and that's nice. Since we are still being writers it is challenging to switch to the actor's role but I am beginning to feel that happen.

I reiterate dear readers, it's all good.

Tomorrow we start in the late afternoon, will do six hours straight and have all five of us called. Meanwhile, I will try to get the brownies on the blog here.

Keep the faith, friends.
Your Bloglicious Brother,

PS- I figured out the brownie upload!


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Mmmm....brownies... Of course, they're not donuts, but they'll do as a close second.

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