Tuesday, July 05, 2005

ASM, coming your way

Name: Antonia "Rose of Sicily" Gianino
Job: Assistant Stage Manager
Sign: Aries
Turn-Ons: Good sense of humor
Turn-Offs: Selfish people

Quote: "I really do have a sense of humor. I'm just Sicilian."

Antonia may wear her poker face to work (I prefer to think she is being respectful of the process), but this lady knows how to keep track of stuff and that is largely her job at present. Actors and their lines, props, scenery; if you are lost on the stage or behind it, Antonia is the person who will bail your sorry ass out and point you in the right direction with a gentle but firm hand. And I think I have spoken enough about her brownie-making skills.

Good day today, as we had Babs with us all the live-long day. We're so happy that she will be around for every day from now on and that she has temporarily kissed her day job goodbye. She may work for The Man in a midtown cubicle to make money, but now, she's back with her Brothers where her artistic side may shine and we are all delighted.

It's getting thrilling as we get closer to moving into the theatre and the excitement I feel is greater than all the cups of decaf I drink at rehearsal, combined! I am sensitive to caffeine and the other Brothers can vouch for what happens to me when I get even trace amounts in my system. Excitement! But the show is more exciting! We can't wait for you to come and see it.

Off to bed now, my blogmates. Hope your lives are as fulfilling as all of ours are over at NYTW. We are all so lucky, you dear readers included.

Off to Slumberland,


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