Sunday, July 24, 2005

better late than never

Sorry for the delay in checking in with you all but well, I had my mind on a few other things. This picture is an action shot of Martha paying attention to a moment in rehearsal from the tech table. This shot was from the day of our dress rehearsal, which seems like ages ago now. Isn't Martha sexy in her ferocious competence? Lucky for us on stage, Martha is far away from us in the booth so we do not get all distracted by her doing her job. It's another challenge for us backstage, where our stage management team and running crew are supa-studly in their cool demeanors, as they make it all happen for us and make it look effortless. Wow, life is exciting for us Lesbian Brothers!

So we have had a few shows now, including our first matinee today. We are dong really well, folks, thanks for asking. The show gets better all the time and is running like a well-tuned engine that does not burn carbon-emitting fossil fuels. A green machine are we!

Publicity is starting to happen and there is a nice picture of us in Time Out NY this week with a nice story and in the NY Times in today's arts section. The Village Voice is also running a story on us this coming week, so look out for that online if you don't live in NYC. There is also something about the show on the web site and that makes us a hip thing to do, according to my hip friends. It's all very exciting.

Most exciting though is the response we are getting from people who see the show. It is very gratifying to hear from our friends of course but also to hear from the people who we don't know, the general public. One never knows how a show or performance is going to land and when someone takes the time to wait around to talk to us about what they got out of the show, it is really satisfying. Even when they are troubled or unclear about what they got out of it. Though I'm happy to say that the response has been mostly very positive.

I am backstage right now, reporting from the dressing room and we have just been called to half hour so I must go to my appointed rounds. The house music is up and the people are filing in. Off to the greasepaint go I.

Bloggily Yours,


Blogger Losdavos said...

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7:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Moe,

I've been reading your nifty blog in rabid anticipation of attending your sure-to-be-fab el show de shows on Sunday night (the night for the financially challenged). Can't wait to see you and Ms Babs again, having seen Lisa & Peg last year...Love 1/2 of Brenda y Brenda, hint the 1/2 not at Dixon Place this week.

8:47 PM

Blogger moe said...

I am soooo happy you will come to see the show. Will the animal be with you? Hope so. Please stick around to say hi and I'm glad you got your ahnds on some freebies!

much love,

11:09 PM


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