Monday, July 18, 2005

feel like goofing off?

Dear Cubicle Slacker-

Welcome to the Brothers' blog, which hopefully provides a welcome respite from your day job. Text looks better to the bosses when they walk by and catch a glance at your screen and reading is better use of the company time than Tetris or And we at the Five Lesbian Brothers support any act of subversiveness we can, especially in the workplace (see our play The Secretaries for further info).

After a day off on Saturday, we are in tech, and that means a whole lotta stuff is happening all at once. You must really keep your wits about you to get through the day. There is the set to absorb, with its levels and sheer acreage to cross and its loveliness, courtesy of David Korins. There are the lights, brought to us by ML Gieger, also lovely and those are happening too. And the sound which is brilliantly delivering itself to us thanks to John Gromada. And our costumes from Miranda Hoffman, also incredible. So now we are dealing with a lot of new stuff. It's a trip!

The trippiest part for me is that all of a sudden, these things which were only in the imaginations of the Brothers are now made real by the talents and hard work of many other people. I do not want to sound all super-goopy but it is really a magical thing and I feel very very lucky to have this great creation take place. It is way beyond the Brothers now and the talents of so many people are being poured into this project to make it fabulous for you, the public. It's really incredible when I think about it. It is making our vision manifest, to say it in fifty-cent words. We are very very lucky girls.

And we are luckiest of all because we have the unbelievable Leigh at the helm. I cannot say enough good things about her directorial brilliance. I mean I could, but hey we all have to get to work today, including me. She is a gem. Super smart, super talented, super generous and yes, I will objectify her for a moment, super gorgeous. She is the full package people, and we are so fortunate to have her driving this train.

Today is more making of the cues and practicing them and then tomorrow night is dress rehearsal. Ahhh! I can't believe there will be humans to watch this thing happen. It's too soon. But I am fickle that way, as just yesterday I was feeling like we had plenty of time. I feel like I have to cram for my character and started reading a little Stanislavski this morning. Gee, that's a long book! But I hear it's worth reading the whole thing, so I'm going to dammit!

Hope you are all well out there. Be thinking of us...

Yer Blogster,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bros,

I'm psyched about Oedipus at Palm Springs. I played Peaches in Vassar's production of The Secretaries, directed by Gabrielle Cody. I'd love to help out, sit-in, chit chat, whatever.

Elana Fishbein

12:50 PM

Blogger moe said...

dear elana-

i'll e-mail you, OK?


11:13 PM

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