Sunday, July 03, 2005


Brother Dominique here. Today was fight choreography, which is always a big thrill. I have never been in the kind of fight where punches are thrown, but when you learn from the best how to fake it, it feels really satisfying, kind of like the real thing I bet, only without the pain and remorse.

Moe and I have developed a new tradition of going to Moe's favorite Polish restaurant, Little Poland, for after-rehearsal chow. I was so high on adrenalin for the first few days of rehearsal that I was uninterested in eating and lost a few pounds. So now we are on a plan to get fat. We both could use a little heft for our roles as the butches. We are very committed to our craft, a la DeNiro. If I have to eat full orders of potato pirogies every night for the next three weeks, then so be it.

Tomorrow, believe it or not, we have an actual day off. It is the birthday of our country, after all. Though we do have homework assignments. Thank you, Martha, for insisting the Brothers take a day off.

I don't at the moment remember the names of the fight guys who came in with us, but they were super cute and helpful. Moe, can you give them a shout out?

c'est tout pour moi,



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