Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Flotation genius

Name: Alan Shrier
Job: Web Master of NYTW
Sign: Pisces
Turn-Ons: Oh my...
Turn-Offs: Anything that isn't "oh my".
Quote: "Oh for god's sake."

Here he is ladies and gentlemen, Alan Shrier! Otherwise known as Float King of East 4th Street, Alan is the diabolical mastermind behind our fantastic Palm Springs entry in the Pride march a couple of weeks ago. He is wearing a tee-shirt that was the opening night show gift for the Brothers' last show at NYTW, Brides of the Moon. Ain't he a handsome devil?

Sorry to not blog for a few days friends, but the theatre is demanding and I needed my beauty sleep. The days whiz by as we careen towards our date with destiny upon the stage of NYTW. The play is looking good, if I may hazard an opinion from the start of week four of rehearsal. Today is our last day in the studio and we move next door onto the big stage tomorrow. I will boldly speak for all of us who have been in the rehearsal room to date when I say that the process has been a pleasure. I know the actors feel very well cared for by our terrific team of theatre professionals and it seems it is going well for them too, as they have not had to call D-I-V-A-9-1-1 once (yet) during the course of rehearsal to deal with any meltdowns. All of this would not be possible without ALL the folks at NYTW and at the start and end of each day (and sometimes in between), our fantastic director Leigh! We are so damn lucky.

I will be very curious to see what you all have to say about this show. Well, maybe not all of you to be honest, since anybody could be reading this and I'm not sure I could handle the opinions of everybody in the world with access to the internet and the cash to see the play. I hope you are theatrically satisfied by the show if you are able to see it. And you will get to see what all the work and brownies and donuts amounted to.

I must be off to rehearsal friends. It is gray and muggy here in NYC today and we just had one of those five minute downpours that steams everything up, but offers no real relief. Hope our play does not do the same.

Good luck today in all your endeavors and thanks for checking in with us.

Blogliciously Yours,


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