Friday, July 08, 2005

Friday morning, coming down

Hello Blogtastic Public-

It's day four of week three of rehearsals for O@PS, here at New York Theatre Workshop. The day started for me with a brief but entertaining costume fitting with assistant costume designer Amelia and the costume shop supervisor, Hallie. I felt that I was in very good hands in such an assisted and supervised situation. Now I am hanging out for a minute, waiting for my comrade Lisa to come from her fitting to run lines with me. If you are wondering, yes, we do need to spend time memorizing our lines but it doesn't take that long. So if you ever think of asking an actor after a show "how did you memorize all those lines?", now you know that we memorize lines the same way as you memorize that Fanta jingle from two summers ago: by hearing it a thousand times!

It is cool and rainy here in NYC and a gray and soupy sky has been with us for many days now. The rain at least feels like a consolation, as if there was some point to all the gloominess. Inside the reheasrsal room, it's a hot hot summer day in Palm Springs and that is the magic of theatre.

Yesterday, ML, our lighting designer was a special guest star for much of the day and that was fun. Our Australian boyfriend Ben was here too. No, that was the day before. The set is coming together next door in the theatre and that's supa-kewl, as the youngsters say.

Last night after rehearsal some of us went up to Madison Square Garden to see the NY Liberty play a fantastic comeback win game against the Connecticut Sun. It was fantastically inspiring to see two sets of five capable ladies make another kind of magic happen. It's all about five today.

More later dear friends. Lisa has returned to run lines.

Yer Pal,


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