Friday, July 01, 2005

interview with our PSM

Hello there, blogtastic reader!

I start today off with a little introduction to one of our fabulous team here at NYTW. That's her picture just above.

Name: Martha "Righteous Boo-tay" Donaldson
Job: Production Stage Manager
Sign: Libra
Turn-Ons: Sense of humor, spontaneity, beach at sunset
Turn-Offs: Stupidity
Animal Companions: Two cats, Dot and Mama, both described as "Holsteins"

Quote: "Doing this play with The Five Lesbian Brothers, Leigh Silverman and Team Table is the most fun I can think of having in NYC in the summer"

Spontaneous joke from yesterday's rehearsal:
Martha: "What's the difference between Beer Nuts and Deer Nuts?"
Everybody Else: "I don't know."
Martha: "Beer Nuts cost a dollar sixty-nine and Deer Nuts are under a buck!"

And that's Martha, folks.

Yesterday we kept on blocking, while at the same time, continued to incorporate new pages of writing and changes what we are making into the script. It is really complicated sometimes! I can't recall what is still in the play and what used to be in the play and oh, people, this is not for the faint of heart, or the memory-impaired. But we are going forward and all systems are go. The set is being built in the theatre next door and we stuck our heads in there to look at it and it's very very exciting and a little scary too. All that lumber! Peg suggested that we would buy the scrap off the theatre after the production and build a house in Palm Springs with it. And we might be able to.

I am actually writing to you today from the rehearsal room. We are on a break, having spent the first half of the day delving into the writing once again and are now about to power up to full with our entire creative team and get rehearsal up on its feet again. I will try and take a picture of the room so you can see the glamorous world of rehearsal.

It is still amazing to me that this show is getting done and I once again take the liberty to speak for all the Brothers in saying that we are thrilled to have this opportunity. We are having a great time in rehearsal, in the capable hands of Leigh and with the supa-dupa support of the ladies on Team Table (that's Dana, Martha, Antonia and Kate). Tessa, the prop fairy arrives daily and deposits little bundles of things for us to work with. The play is very proppy and everyone is being really good about that. I think we are on budget for the set and costumes and the props are going to require a bailout from the IMF or the World Bank. Thank you Lynn Moffat and all the numbers folks downstairs who have made all those margarita glasses possible!

More later dear friends of the theatre. The muses call me to my station now. Pencil and script in hand, I humbly go to my entrance...

Blogglily Yours,


Blogger heystella said...

As Acting President of the Martha Donaldson International Fan Club, I want to thank you for the highly candid, hi-larious, and sexy profile on your blog! Martha rules!

3:53 PM


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