Friday, July 01, 2005

interview with toni

Name: Toni Amicarella
Job: NYTW's Director of New Play Development and Dramaturgy
Sign: Gemini
Turn-Ons: puppies!
Turn-Offs: snarky people
Animal Companions: Emma and Misha, both dogs, both adorable

Quote: "Love means never having to say you didn't see this play."

Toni was our special guest star for part of rehearsal this evening. The picture of her engaged in deep conversation with Leigh our director, was an action shot taken whilst the two of them were very involved in heated debate about who put the drama in western drama. The picture of her with the little dog is Toni with her friend Django, the apricot miniature poodle owned by Brothers Peg and Lisa. As you can see, the two of them are engaged as deeply as Leigh and Toni are.

And that's Toni.

The Brothers and company spent the last half of the day blocking two new un-blocked scenes, the Shame on the Moon scene, followed by the Cockatiel's scene. These names will mean nothing to you out there, so you will need to come and see the show to know what I am speaking of, but suffice to say that it is more of the same work we have been doing these past several days. Sitting and reading the scenes a few times to get a feel for the emotional movement and then getting up on our feet and letting Leigh literally move us around on the stage. Then we go back and run as we build the scene so it sticks in our minds and Leigh can get an idea for the larger movements of the scene and play. It's getting funner all the time, as we are able to act more and more when we can get the scripts out of our hands.

Tomorrow the day starts with costume fittings, which is always fun. New outfits! Clothes are the kind of thing that really help me as an actor. Hair, even moreso. We will not be wigged in this show, but are going for a naturalistic thing so we will have character-appropriate hairdos. I can't wait for this personally, since I have been letting my hair grow out somewhat so the barber would have something to work with. But it's really hot and I don't mean in the sexy way. More on my haircut situation after tomorrow's work.

Hope you are all enjoying these reports from off-blogway. If there's anything I am not covering that you'd like to know about, please feel free to ask.



Anonymous Jill said...

What a touching photo of Toni and Django. Django! I met him just once as a tiny mod pup-pet and he stole my heart while I held him in my arms. Now Django is a beau pup-ster fully grown; obviously a companian animal who has turned pro in knowing the human heart area. You're the dog, Django! His companian humans must be so proud.

10:11 PM

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