Monday, July 04, 2005

interview with...

Name: Donuts and Munchkins
Job: Breakfast of champions
Sign: Cancer
Turn-Ons: bakers Dozen
Turn-Offs: Tired cop jokes

Quote: "Our sugar coated, deep-fried goodness says it all. We're sending out the sweetness to the whole of the O@PS family at NYTW. Keep up the good work people and ye shall be rewarded with our presence."

Though this picture comes from a few days ago and these baked goods are long gone, let their memory live on here on the blog. Martha was kind enough to sense that donuts were needed at this point in the process and as I was the lone donut-eating Brother at rehearsal that day, I speak for myself and my Brethren when I say that the inspiration these lifesavers provided cannot be underestimated. That's what we like, a production stage manager that knows how to motivate the staff. It is a tough choice between Antonia's brownies and these morsels. I can't decide which was better and nobody can make me, dammit!

Enjoy your independence on this day and every day, if you are lucky enough to have it!

more on Tuesday,


Blogger richard said...


12:18 PM

Blogger moe said...

are you happy now? finally, donuts!

10:34 AM

Blogger richard said...

YES! FINALLY! Now, what is this show about? I kinda got stuck on the whole donut thing and haven't really been paying too much attention to anything else...

11:04 AM


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