Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Palm Springs on my mind

This is the real Palm Springs, friends. Isn't it gorgeous? The last time the Brothers were there to work on the play, it was May and it was 114 degrees in the shade. Today in New York City it feels like it's 114 and it is not so gorgeous. As actors, we try to use what we have so I hope the oppressive weather transforms into something good and informs our performances tonight.

I'm backstage on meal break before the show. Let me set the scene for you. Dana, our assistant director is running lines with Peg on the couch or the dressing room. Ax, one of the fellas on our running crew is reading quietly. Erin, our wardrobe coordinator is busily coordinating things, putting the costumes where they need to be and preparing to help us all with our individual beauty requirements for the show. I have to get my hair blow dried for instance! Very exciting, since it is not something I explore in the rest of my life. Lots of new hair products to discover in the world. Who knew? Kate is onstage setting things up too and I can hear her voice over the monitors. It's a cozy little family we are turning into here on east 4th street. And Babs has arrived for the start of her warmup...

It is a quiet moment before the controlled storm of the show. We have done seven previews and it's starting to look like a show, folks. People sit in the audience and everything. Snacks are sold at the concession stand. Cues are called and executed and we do our best to follow direction and pick up our cues. It's all good from my perspective. And can I just say that this is by and large because of the crackerjack team of theatrical professionals that we have with us here at NYTW? From Carlos in the box office(his fancy title is Ticketing Services Manager) to Kara the house manager to our fabulous stage management to the super-capable running crew, we are in very very good hands. It is truly a pleasure to come to work every day.

I want to send a little shout out to Cherry, mother of Martha our production stage manager. The Brothers had the good fortune of meeting Cherry while we were in California, doing a reading of the show at University of LaVerne in Claremont. Cherry lives there and we all went out for a nice piece of pie after the show. And Cherry is going to come all the way out here to see the finished product on the stage. Isn't that swell? So we love you Cherry and can't wait to see you! Yay Cherry!

Now the summer rain is pounding on the roof of the theatre. A July cloudburst. Hope it does not deter the audience.

Take care good people and come see the show if you're in the mood for some entertainment in a nicely air conditioned environment.

who loves ya,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Moe,

Thanks for the informative and entertaining blogs..........saw the show last nite........what a blast, stayed with me all day today.......

Welcome back Brothers!!!!!!!

6:31 PM

Blogger moe said...

thank you anonymous!

glad you liked the show and the blog. we're grateful for your support.

best, moe.

11:07 PM


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