Thursday, July 14, 2005

westward ho!

Dear Readers Near and Far-

This photo was taken backstage left on our set! I do not want to spoil the show for you so I am not including a picture from the other side that the audience sees. This photo is the backstage view. A wooden wall (known in the biz as a TV flat) that has been painted with fireproof paint and bears a sticker that shows where it goes on the set and what shop built it. I will say that the set looks gorgeous and David Korins, the designer is a very talented fellow. Anyone who has the power to do so and is reading this blog should definitely hire this man. He is a great designer and he (along with Mark the technical director and all the carps and scenic painters) has transported a little piece of the desert to East 4th Street.

So today was yes people, our first day in the theatre! We moved one door west into the place we will perform the show. Very exciting. There is a little more real estate to cover than in the rehearsal hall so we spent the day moving through the show to figure how it's all going to look now that the real features are in place instead of the carefully laid tape marks on the floor which we have been rehearsing on. There are real steps and real doors and so much more reality than we had been dealing with. Plus, there is the supergood air conditioning at the theatre which was welcome on this very muggy summer day in Manhattan. If you come and see the show, you yourself will get to experience the beautiful set AND the quality conditioned air. What a nice way to spend a summer evening or weekend afternoon!

One week from yesterday will be our first performance in front of an audience. It is hard to believe this is the case. There are many many hands and minds at work to make the show happen and though I optimistically hope I will get to thank them all, this would not be possible because people all over are doing their parts to make this show the best dang ticket in town. You will have your chance in less than a week's time to see what all this has been about and I certainly hope that if you have the chance, you will stop by our little outpost of the lively arts in the East Village and see this new take on a crusty old play. It's as if we found the original text after being locked away in a footlocker for centuries and sent it through the laundry with good detergent and Bounce and it came out all fluffy and new-looking. I mean, aren't you a little curious by this point?

Off to slumberland now. See you later.

Your Faithful Recorder,


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