Saturday, August 20, 2005

back again!


Sorry to be away for a few days but things got busy. I am between shows on Saturday, finished the matinee and have a few precious moments to share with you here in the blogsphere.

Things are going well, what can I say? The show motors along and we are visited by friends and family from all over North America. It is very exciting! I have had visitors from Toronto who came all the way to another country just to see our play. I am so very grateful for that. And tonight, my good friends Suzy and Joe are here from Tacoma, WA. That is way further away than Toronto, if I remember correctly my geography. And in a totally different direction. These people had to take a plane to get here. Isn't that something? Suzy, it should be told, was my junior high school drama teacher from back in my days of 7th grade, before stage lights were invented and we had to do the shows like seances with candlelight. I miss those times, though not the occasional costume fire. Thank god for electricity.

We had a sweet, sorrowful parting on Thursday night with our wardrobe supervisor, Erin. She had to go to another show at another theatre which we shall not mention and we were sad to see her say goodbye. I will find a picture of her in action backstage and see if I can squeeze it in here. Erin, we miss you!

Replacing her is the fabulous Ann who has bravely stepped into Erin's place without flinching at the prospect of dressing and quick-changing five lesbians in the dark. Sexy? You bet! Ann is our lady for the next week until we close.

That's right, friends, the show is going to close. Notice was posted, as we say in the business and Oedipus at Palm Springs will be no more after next Sunday, August 28th. There's still time to see it before it melts and if you are coming from out of town, the weather has not been too bad. A little muggy today but at least no blazing sun to make it a steam bath. Autumn is just around the corner and so too are our day jobs. Sigh.

Do come and visit us and bring a bunch of people with you who would like to laugh a lot and have their heartstrings plucked by five plucky lesbos and their fantastic crew of professionals. They sell very nice sweet snacks in the lobby and coffee and tea and all that stuff, along with signed copies of our book of plays. If you don't like theatre too much, think about the literary aspect and come buy a volume of our work. It's quite a handsome book, if I do say so myself, thanks to the fabulous folks at Theatre Communications Group who published it.

OK, off to 4th street I go, quick like the bunny.

blogdaciously yours,


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