Wednesday, August 10, 2005

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Hello Blogworld-

It is I, Moe, your faithful, if somewhat erratic blogger. Can I just say for the record that it is quite a challenge to post here as often as I would like? But just because I don't write, doesn't mean I'm not thinking about you readers out there. Hey, I miss you too.

The show is going swimmingly and we are really settling into it and I think our performances get stronger all the time. And the audiences are lovely so that helps. I always wondered if the story of Oedipus, which is a universally recognized downer (or "tragedy" in the show biz lingo of the ancients) is a story that people would want to see. And I guess it is for the folks that are coming to the theatre every night.

It is also interesting to talk to people after the show and hear their different ideas about what the Oepidus story was in the first place before we went and de-classified it. It's one of those things that most everyone has some kind of basic understanding of, through pop culture and pop psychology (there is actually a Bugs Bunny version, if I am not mistaken) but it has usually been a long time since people have visited the original story. Always fun to hear after what parts of our show they were able to connect to the prototype and what parts they may miss from the earlier version. We have been quite free in our "sampling" of the original Sophocles and it's fun to talk to folks after and hear their thoughts on our vision of this story.

Now we are in the phase of things that is a fun sort of roller coaster. We know the show and though we continue to discover new things about it at each performance, we are comfortable with playing it. The reviews are done for the most part so we can relax about all that and enjoy the ride of the rest of the run. We get to go out after the show for some late supper or whatever, as we do not have to be at the theatre early in the days for rehearsals anymore. I miss rehearsals (that is my personal favorite part of a show) and we all miss Leigh terribly but we had to send her on vacation to work on a tan on behalf of all us, the untanned, who have spent the greater part of the summer indoors in the dark. She's tanning for the team now and though it is an awesome burden, I'm sure she will return to us eventually bronzed and foxier than ever.

But I digressed, didn't I? Yet, this is the beauty of the blog. It's all about digression. Otherwise, I'd write a novel or a play that added up nicely. In Blogworld, I may range freely and you may follow if you so choose. It's kinda fun. You should all try it sometime.

Still trying to coordinate pictures from the opening night party for this space. I'm working on it. Also some more interviews to come so that you get to meet our whole team of experts who help make it all possible. And please, if you have any questions out there, feel free to write in and I will try to answer.

Ok, folks it's time for me to sign off. Keep the faith and be sure to support your local lesbian theatre collective! OK, I know that might be a tall order so at least support your local theatre. Look at your neighborhood high school and see what kind of production they are cooking up or the local dinner theatre or the big fancy theatre where they book the bus and truck shows. Volunteer to usher at your local regional theatre or pay full price and see a show.

Goodnight all.

blogging out,


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