Monday, August 15, 2005

day "off"

Welcome Blogettes!

Reporting to you live from east 13th Street where the weather is cool and gray. Super-duper NYC rainstorms yesterday and the day before cleared out all the extra-nasty August swampiness and left a moody but comfortable spot of relief in its place. It has been miserable here for the last week and we have had no rain since I can't recall when. The torrents poured down during the matinee and the evening show, complete with nifty thunder sound effects courtesy of the universe and trapping the early audience in the lobby after the show. I got to chat with some of them as I was likewise unable to venture outside and that was really nice. It is quite rewarding to speak with people about the show and hear what they got out of it.

Today we have no show but we do have a little speaking engagement over at the Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center A lovely group o folks from there came to see the show last night and they are still eager to talk about it with us. And hey, if you would like to come over and join us, you are more than welcome. The Center is on 13th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues and if you have a ticket stub to the show you get in free. Otherwise, it's five bucks I think. And you do not have to be lesbian, gay, bi or trans to come an listen and speak! That's the beauty of the Center: it is for everyone to learn about our cultures.

Hard to believe there are only two weeks left of performances but alas, it is true. There are still 16 chances to see the show, so don't wait until the last weekend, friends! We want to see you pretty faces out there.

More on this and other matters theatrical later. I'm off to pull my look together and get across town to west 13th street.

bloggin' you is easy 'cause you're beautiful,


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