Monday, August 22, 2005

eight more chances

Yes, folks that's right, you still have eight chances to see Oedipus at Palm Springs with the original cast before it gets turned into a Hollywood blockbuster starring Frances McDormond, Holly Hunter, Jodie Foster, Halle Berry and Robert DeNiro in his first lesbian role. We'd love to see you down at NYTW and I can promise you a stimulating evening at the theater. My offer still stands to speak with anyone who'd like to hang around after the show.

Today was a bona fide day off and all is quiet on the Eastern Village front. I had big plans to accomplish things like laundry today but I must tell you that taking a long nap around 4:00 when my personality was at its nadir took precedent. The weather in the city took a nice turn for the cool and dry and I found it irresistible for sleeping. Just so you know, I am not a napper friends but everything combined to send me to slumberland for a few hours. I am not a slacker "artist", I am not!

I did sort the laundry. And I changed the cat litter. That's how glamorous it is Off-Broadway, folks.

We had special guests visiting us again at the performances yesterday, notably Pat and Rosemary, bio-sisters to Peg and family to the rest of the Brothers, who drove like demons up from Richmond to see the show. Also our friends Jessie and Jill from San Francisco, Kathleen from Toronto and Mary Beth and Therese from Minneapolis. Wow, we are some lucky girls to have all these great people with very busy lives of their own make the effort to come and see us and this show.

It's the final week everyone, so don't forget to come and see us while you still have the chance. Also, a word of advice on the ticket situation. If you are told by the Telecharge people that there are no more tickets for a particular performance, it might be wise to go to the theater anyway and see if you can get one. People turn in their tickets at the last minute and the actual box office has more seats usually than Telecharge seems to be aware of. When I have sent friends to do this, they have not been turned away.

See you later.


Anonymous Shane said...

randomness of randomnesses, Id really like to talk to you, after the show, M'names Shane. I'm studying stagecraft at my high school and Im always interested intalking with professionals from the theatre industry. Im definitely coming to your show tonight, tues. 23rd.

1:52 AM

Anonymous Shane said...

hi, it's shane again, we met tonight after your show. I just wantedto leave my email for you, if you wanted to follow up on my offer. its

11:33 PM

Anonymous Kathleen W. said...

Wow...I'm sorry I came so late to the party. I got a chance to see the show last night, and was totally blown away. (I had a show of my own up through late July/early Aug and am just recuperating...)

As someone who came to playwriting through the classics, I'm left breathless by the way y'all combined the classic with the of-the-moment. It's based on a thousands of years old structure, but is so of the moment that I kept forgetting I knew what was coming next and waited to see how it would turn out. And it was very funny & the nudity was excellent! (There has been an endless discussion of "nudity for nudity's sake" on the Yahoo gay theater groups for the last couple of weeks).

I bought a copy of your anthology in the lobby (imagine my delight when I found out it was already autographed!)

I think I must find a way to see this show a couple more times before the weekend. Pity there's no intermission, or I could second-act it ;-)

Thank you all so much for the fabulous evening of theater that sent me walking on air into the streets of the East Village and to my bookshelf for my Sophocles, Euripides & Aristophanes!

2:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi again Moe & girls,

Although the time after the show was fleeting a few weeks ago, I wanted to tell you all how much I enjoyed your evolution from the gang I knew from a few doors down years ago to what you are all about today. It was unsettling and yet made perfect sense - in the best sort of way. Every time I see the 5LB (make that about once every 7 years!) I feel like going home and writing for ya...

Moe, I check to see if there's a new blog-entry almost as frequently as I check my online banking statement - it's become a mini-addiction! I will be having withdrawal pangs...can you send me your email as I'd actually like to get back in touch more and maybe send you some writing...

Brendah (Lisa has it if you lose it)

1:49 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Moe,

I miss your blogs.....

I am anxiously awaiting your closing comments regarding the end of your run....maybe you are on a well deserved vacation(Palm Springs?)

Look forward to hearing from you.


2:11 PM

Anonymous Shane said...

hey, I want to thank all of you for being the amazing, inspiring women that you are! also, I wanted to thank Dominique for sending me that playbill with all your signatures. I was all giddy-like when I got at school. :D so, anyhows thanks soooo much :D

10:51 PM

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