Wednesday, March 29, 2006

it's been awhile

Dear Avid Readers-

Please forgive my long absence from this here blogspace. Life has got ahold of me by the toe lately and I have been remiss in my duties of letting you all know about the world of Oedipus at Palm Springs and the Five Lesbian Brothers. Apologies to you all and thanks for coming back and giving us another try after six longs months of silence.

So, the show is sleeping peacefully for the time being as the individual lives of the Brothers spin off into other orbits. Dominique and Peggy returned to California and new jobs for both of them. Congratulations to these two hardy artists for figuring out how to make a decent living for themselves. Babs meanwhile, is back at her station at her regular job where she has to wear clothes all the time. It will not be a surprise to anyone that saw the show why this would be a big disappointment for Babs, but we all do what we must to pay the premium cable bills and that cute girl that gives an extra free espresso shot in my latte. I myself have been all over hell's half acre on tour with another fabulous but very different show I am in called Supervision. Perhaps it is coming soon to a theatre near you and you may check and see on its web site:

But the most exciting day job of all is our own Lisa Kron's. For those of you residing out of range of the New York Times, Lisa is about to open her show "Well" on Broadway tomorrow night! All the Brothers are in town for the glamorous gala event and I think I speak for all of us when we say we are tickled pink by this event. Not only is Lisa in the show, but she wrote it too. Plus, it is directed by none other than Leigh Silverman, the directorial genius behind Oedipus at Palm Springs. I will write a report as soon as I come to after the opening night party on Thursday but meanwhile friends, please do go see Lisa's fabulous show. For more information, check out their cool web site at and there you will find yet another blog, this one written by the incredible Jayne Houdyshell, an actor that everyone who cares about the theatre should see on stage.

On another exciting note, Oedipus at Palm springs just won a GLAAD Media Award this past Monday night for outstanding New York Theater, Broadway or Off-Broadway. Thank goodness Take Me Out was not this past season! And thanks to all the voters on the GLAAD panel for coming to see our show. And if you gave us the award just because of the above-mentioned nudity, please I do not want to know.

OK friends, remember to go see the fine work of Lisa Kron and Leigh Silverman, reunited in the Longacre Theatre on the Great White Way. It is a fantastic show and tickets will make a great Passover or Easter gift. Or if you are a Pagan, then celebrate the gift of daylight savings time with two on the aisle for the Downtown Show That Could, "Well"!

More update on this and other matters to come.



Blogger Jackson said...

HEY! I got to see her show in previews before I went back to school, but yeah, man, it's amazing! Kudos!

Jackson, formerly Shane

8:36 PM


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