Sunday, April 09, 2006

public service announcement

Hello Dear Reader:

Well, Well has opened on Broadway to fantastic reviews. By now, anyone reading this probably already knows that but still, there is no shortage of accolades for the magnificent piece of theatre that is Well. I am proud to say as Lisa Kron's Lesbian Brother and Leigh Silverman's Lesbian Uncle, that this show is leading us all down the path to the bright creative future of Broadway.

The opening night was fantastic and it had all the glamour that you might think about when lapsing into daydreams about what it must be like to go to a Broadway opening. The house was not your typical Thursday night, dinner-and-a-show Times Square crowd but instead was full of celebrities sitting cheek-by-jowl with more regular folk like good friends from out of town and Lisa's family and lots of theatre people. The Brothers were all there to show the love and it was easy to show when it comes gushing out of us that way that it did. It was a fantastic performance and yes, there was standing at the curtain call, along with bouquets of flowers for the ladies onstage.

Then there was the big par-tay at Hard Rock Cafe which was also as you might have imagined. We had a special entrance to go in and this lead to a big room with a stage that was not exactly what I'd term a cafe but it definitely was hard rock. There were tables set up and fabulous buffet stations and yes folks, since you are wondering, an open bar! More celebrities were sighted and hung around to give their good wishes to the cast and crew of the show.

The buffet line is one of the great leveling forces in our culture and being able to see Joan Allen choose what she wanted for her meal really gave me a sense of closeness to her. She is a real person, who likes a buffet just like me and I think we both got the tortellini, which made me feel like we were old friends. The next time I see her at a party, I will have something in common with her now and will have something to chat about. How exciting for me!

Anyway, Lisa and Jayne finally made their way into the hard-rockingness of it all and there were many photo ops and hugs and smiles and Lisa was engaged with many conversations with old people about the show and we all talked to Lisa's family, who are known to the Brothers for decades by now. I stated to feel a little old at some point in the evening when I got a crank on about the loudness of the music which made it hard to actually have a conversation. I thought this would lead to dancing but alas, it did not as nobody wanted to leave their tables and make way for the dancefloor to happen. I decided though that I am at the point in my life that if my show ever opens on Broadway, I would like my party to be at the Lite FM Cafe, as my days of hard rocking are clearly over.

Everybody had a supergood time and we were all so proud of Lisa and her work and the show.

So now I would like to take a moment to urge all of you reading this to go immediately to the web or the phone and get in touch with the Telecharge people and buy several tickets to the show. It cannot be missed, especially in its uptown incarnation and we at The Five Lesbian Brothers Cultural Project would be ever so grateful if you supported this fine work of theatre. It is the kind of play that should be on Broadway and almost never is these days, a truly complex work with amazing performances and beautiful directing that does not have any movie stars or washed-up tv personalities in their post-rehab comebacks. It is simply a wonderful play and if you don't believe me you can look at Ben Brantley's review in the NY Times or at Time Out NY or Newsday. Buy early, buy often people. It's not even that expensive for Broadway and I think you can get a ticket for under 30 bucks, which is what you'd pay to see a bad movie and eat a lot of hydrogenated fat and 64 ounces of soda at the multiplex. Do your heart a favor and see Well instead. It will feed you in all the right ways, and with none of the calories!

I provide here a link for you:

Go people, go! Or be forever sorry. Remember live theatre needs you to get up from your cubicle and go sit in a room with the actors. It's really exciting, for those of you who don't know. Totally worth the trip and almost all the subways go to Times Square.

Congratulations to Lisa and her incredible cast and to Leigh the director extraordinaire and to the lovely John Dias who has toiled tirelessly to make the magic of this show happen.

GO SEE WELL!! Or else I will not be your friend.

Your Friend For Now,


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