Monday, June 12, 2006

tony hangover

It's been awhile Friends of the Brothers, but it does not mean you all are not on my mind. Life gets busy sometimes, but I still think of you often and with great fondness.

I awoke this morning and thought for a brief moment that my own Lesbian Brother Lisa Kron had won a Tony Award last night, along with her enchanting colleague, Jayne Houdyshell. On top of this triumph, I also believed that in some great cosmic weirdness, Oedipus at Palm Springs had also won a Tony, along with Leigh. The show was so damn good, the League of Broadway Producers gave it Tonys, even though it wasn't even on Broadway!

You may chalk this all up to my case of serious jet lag which I am experiencing and was in full effect last night during my delusional viewing of the ceremonies on TV, live from forty blocks north and four blocks west (they're the big crosstown blocks!) at Radio City Music Hall. Unfortunately, the reality of the awards did not sync up to my more free-flowing sequence of events.

But let me take this moment anyway to give a big old Moe Angelos Not-Tony Award to Dame Lisa Kron, Dame Jayne Houdeyshell and Dame Leigh Silverman for their Tenacious Spirits, Bravery and Foxy Outfits in the strange and wonderful universe that is Broadway theatre. The Not-Tonys would like to acknowledge their hard work and guts in bringing the so-called downtown message of creativity to the uptown, peanut-crunching masses of Times Square. Thank you ladies. You have carried us all with you just a little bit and opened a door for the kinds of plays and performances and vision of shows like Well to pass through in the future.

Here's to Well, the cast, crew, writer, director, producers and everybody who believed in this show. What a thrill it was to see you all gussied up on TV last night and I know it will be the first time of many such occasions.

president of the Not-Tony Committee

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